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A unique public private partnership to create and nurture innovative start-ups and make them profitable and investible companies.
What is a business incubator?

An organization which provides a conducive environment for successful development of start-up ventures by providing the entrepreneurs with proper guidance and specialized services

Why does IAN Incubator provide its services remotely?

When the incubator services are provided remotely, without the entrepreneur having to relocate to the premises of the incubator, it becomes a virtual incubator. Instead of distancing entrepreneurs from their current support systems that they must have built and uproot them from their locations, the IAN Incubator reaches out to the entrepreneurs at their respective locations through a robust online technology platform.

IAN provides Angel Funding & Incubation Services. What’s the difference between both? What should I apply for?

If you have an innovative concept/technology and you want to convert it into a product/service and build a business around it, then you should apply to the incubator. However the Incubator does not ensure IAN Angel Investment for the Incubatee company.

However, if the product / service is already developed, the business plan is finalized, you have one or two clients in place, and you are looking at scaling up your business then send your b-plan for Angel investing.
How does the Incubator ensure secrecy of my Business idea?
The incubator shall take all the measures to ensure that any information submitted by the entrepreneur is treated as confidential. The Incubator team members as well as all the evaluators, mentors and subject matter experts sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Incubator agreeing to keep the information confidential. However, the Incubator does not sign individual NDAs with each entrepreneur.

Can I see the Non-Disclosure Agreement which the Incubator signs with its team members and mentors?
Yes. Click here to view the NDA.

How do I apply to the Incubator?
Click here to go to the application page
I am already being incubated elsewhere. Can I still apply?
Yes. Incubatees from other incubators are welcome to access business mentoring and networking with successful entrepreneurs by joining the IAN incubator. You can continue to be located at your current incubator and yet avail of the facilities provided by the IAN incubator remotely.

What are the various steps involved for getting incubated at IAN?

The entire process may take upto 90 days

What is the period for which I am incubated?
The initial agreement is signed for a period of 18 months, extendable every 3 months, at the discretion of the Incubator and the feedback received from the Mentors and the Review committee, for upto a maximum period of 24 months.
Do I retain the ownership of my Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?
Yes, the ownership of the IPR shall always remain with the entrepreneur. IAN shall not make any claim on the IPR at any point of time during or after the Incubation Period. You can read our IPR policy here.

I have a query which is not answered above
Send us a mail at Incubator@indianangelnetwork.com or call us at +91-11-40755717 and we shall be happy to solve your doubts

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