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The IAN Incubator

A unique public private partnership to create and nurture innovative start-ups and make them profitable and investible companies.

IAN Mentors’ network leverages the huge and diversified experience, domain expertise and knowledge of the mentors to help entrepreneurs build new-age successful and profitable ventures.

If you wish to become a part of IAN’s mentor network, please write to us at mentors@indianangelnetwork.com

Role of the mentor
A mentor is critical for the success of the venture. A mentor helps the Incubatees in many of the following ways:

  • Prove to be a reliable sounding board for the entrepreneurs
  • Help in creating the milestone chart for the Incubatees for the entire period of Incubator
  • Provide technology and domain expertise
  • Provide guidance on starting-up related operational and strategic issues including business planning, improving the product/services, pricing, market strategy, etc.
  • In consultation with the incubatees, lay down the milestones and the course of action for them
  • Provide connects to Incubatees for acquiring clients, partnerships, augmenting the team, promote the venture etc
  • Assess the funding requirement and help to raise capital
  • Support in the overall development of the entrepreneur through leadership training and motivation
Flexible program
The IAN Incubator mentoring program is absolutely flexible and allows the mentors to focus on the high value add of mentoring. A desk to desk mentoring platform ensures interaction with the incubatees at mentor’s convenience and time.
  • Convenience of selecting preferred time of mentoring
  • Devote 4-5 hours per month for the Incubator.
  • Mentoring through your one or more preferred modes of contact
    • In person / Video Conferencing / Web meeting
    • Phone / Online chat
  • IAN Incubator team members act as client managers and co-ordinate the activities between Incubatee and Mentors
  • To augment the efforts of the mentors, the IAN incubator team will provide requisite research, track the progress of Incubatees, provide a feedback mechanism for the mentors etc.
Benefits to the Mentor
  • Become a part of the most vibrant innovation and entrepreneurial eco-system in the country
  • Support entrepreneurs in building highly scalable innovative ventures
  • Get visibility and recognition as a IAN Mentor
  • Use IAN platform to interact with other mentors and expand your network
  • Get a strategic overview of the innovations happening at the ground level in the country
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives on issues, trends and challenges in your field
  • Develop relationships with upcoming talent in your field
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