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Indian Angel Network is India's first & Asia's largest business angel group with successful entrepreneurs and dynamic CEOs interested in investing...
Network members are collectively committed to contributing money as well as their time and expertise in businesses that they consider worth investing.
  • Network members, when investing in an opportunity, will identify who, from within their group would be most appropriate to represent them on the Board of the company (there could be more than one board member) based on the ability to mentor and guide the company at strategic / operational levels as also availability of time to do so. The sub group of Network members investing in an opportunity are encouraged to find ways to appropriately incentivize / reward those amongst the group spending disproportionately more time and effort on mentoring the company (from within the equity negotiated by them) but this is purely at the discretion of the sub group.

  • Such Advisors / board members may be given stock options in the company by the entrepreneurs, provided these are over and above the deal negotiated by the investing group of the Network. However, such arrangements would need to be agreed by the investor and promoter groups and the secretariat kept informed.

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