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Afzal Oomerbhoy

Afzal Oomerbhoy, is the third generation businessman from the 96 year old Ahmed Oomerbhoy Group, manufacturers of the first consumer packaged Edible Oil brand known as Postman Oil. Working as a partner along with his brothers Afzal Oomerbhoy was responsible for expanding the AO Group from Edible Oils to cosmetics, frozen foods and a large scale distribution house. Under their management and entrepreneurial efforts, the brand of Postman oil commanded the largest market share seen in the Indian Food Industry and became synonymous with the word Cooking Oil in India and the Middle East. Taking on from the Edible Oil business, he expanded the Oil portfolio to include India’s first (Even before Marico) consumer packaged coconut oil known as AO Coconut Oil. Another collaborative industry set up under Mr. Oomerbhoy was the formation of Bombay Soap Factory or BSF. Initiated on the basis of created a all round FMCG group, this company became the outsourcing hub for soaps, cosmetics and glycerine for multinational houses such as Johnson & Johnson, Parke Davis & Mueller Phipps. However the largest entrepreneurial and independent venture undertaken by Afzal Oomerbhoy was the formation of India’s first large scale Export Oriented Cold Storage facility known as Hindustan Cold Storage or HCS located in Thane.HCS specialized in processing and exporting its entire production of frozen food meat, fish and shrimp products to the Gulf, Japan, USA and Europe and till today is involved in heavy trade within this sector.

Currently away from family business, Afzal Oomerbhoy and his Son have leveraged the established reputation and contacts and capitalized on developing trade operations in current and new markets and develop new product lines. Mr. Oomerbhoy has also been a mentor and an inspiration for many small scale industries within the community who have expressed the desire to explore the export market and become established and consistent food companies. Mr. Oomerbhoy has done his College from St.Xaviers College, Mumbai and B.B.A. from University of Houston, Texas.