Individual Members

Ajay Prabhu

Ajay is the Chief Operating Officer at QuEST-Global, an engineering services company. During his tenure, company has scaled from 250 engineers to more than 11,000 now. Ajay graduated from NITK-Surathkal in 1990 and completed his MS & PhD from University of Massachusetts in microwave electronics. Ajay worked at Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies in California before returning to Bangalore in 2002. Since 2015, Ajay has been active in India startup environment with several angel investments. Ajay is very keen on India Next-Billion as a market and is sector agnostic. Ajay likes simple highly-scalable ideas with a tested business model passionately pursued by an able and coherent team. Both of the two startups he has actively mentored have gone on to raise professional funding. Ajay is also an LP in several early-stage VC funds.