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Amit Kumat

In the early 90s, Indore-born Amit Kumat was a young student in the US and an important part of his food-routine was a potpourri of daal and rice with Lays chips (as a replacement for the desi papad). His belief in the power and potential of snacks as a sunrise category firmed up then itself, he recalls. It was in 2004 that Yellow Diamond was launched as a home-grown snack offering by founders, Amit Kumat Today, the snack brand operates in three categories and has a footprint across 1.2 million outlets across the country. These include chips, namkeens and extruded snacks and they contribute 22%, 12% and 68% respectively to the total portfolio. Extruded snacks comprise potato or cereal based snacks like 'Wheels & Scoops', Chulbule, Puff and rings. The rings, in particular, have a huge following among kids thanks to a toy in every pack.