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Andrea Berrini

Andrea Berrini is a former Italian soft drink bottler, with 15 years experience in the industry in Italy, having worked with Coca Cola until 1995. He is the founder, majority shareholder and chairman of a financial company focused on microfinance and sustainable trade, whith the name of CreSud ( Cresud providea financial resources to microcredit organizations (MFI) and Fair Trade Producers in the world, in form of loans and equity, and run projects with international donors such as European Community, UNO agencies, and the World Bank. The main focus of Andrea's activity is currently publishing: he founded in 2008 Metropoli d'Asia (, an indipendent publisher translating into Italian and Asian novels and selling them in Italy.

Metropoli d'Asia is establishing strategical partnerships with Asian publishers, investing in different country in the sector, with the aim to become an intenationalized actor on the field, still looking for more partnerships in new countries. Andrea is also a well known writer in Italy, his books will soon be translated into English and distributed in Asia.