Individual Members

Anirudh Agarwal

Anirudh, a fourth generation entrepreneur has helped diversify the family's business. Shree Sharda Group has expanded from handicrafts and jewelry to real estate development, manufacturing, retailing and export of porcelain, lead crystal, HDPE woven sacks bag, latex and polypropylene polymers.

Anirudh entered the business ten years ago and has helped the group to double its revenue almost every year. An active angel investor, who is constantly seeking business opportunities and investments in sectors where blue ocean strategies can be applied. He is industry agnostic and has invested in many startups such as Carbon Masters, Square Plums, ZiffyHomes, GetMyParking, NightStay, Pikkol, ThirdWatch and Arcatron

Anirudh received his MBA degree from George Washington University and his B.Com (Honors) degree from Hindu College, Delhi University. Anirudh is an active participant in the Young Indians (Confederation of Indian Industry), FICCI, Indian Angel Network, TIE, and IIM Lucknow networks.