Individual Members

Anupam Sarwaikar

Anupam Sarwaikar is Chief Information Officer for Roosevelt Management Company(RMC). RMC is an Investment Management firm based in New York with ~$3 Billion AUM. RMC is backed by a large ~300 Billion Private Equity Fund with Investments across the globe.  Anupam has helped RMC use technology as a market differentiator. He closely follows changes on technology landscape and how disruptive technologies can bring changes to the US mortgage market and financial industry in general. He started his career in nineties,  at a startup developing computer language compilers and parser and their integration with touch interface, years before dual monitors and touch screens were a common sight. He brings solid engineering background with financial and business knowledge in his role as CIO of RMC. He has personally lead a big data product that allowed to take mortgage research to next level.  He also started RMC's  India operations for technology research and development by helping found Potomac Technologies Private Ltd. 

Anupam has keen interest in latest technology trends and their impact on emerging and mature economies.