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Avinash Vashistha

Mr. Avinash Vashistha is Global Chairman and CEO of Tholons and Co-founder of MySpaces – The leading Co-Work / Co-Innovation / Co-Investment company. He is the former Chairman and Managing Director of Accenture. Avinash is a highly accomplished, results oriented Chief Executive and Venture Capitalist with 30+ years of experience in large global projects, CEO / Board level Strategy consulting, Venture Capital, Digital Transformation, and Innovation. 

As Chairman of Accenture, he led a multi-billion-dollar business and a workforce of over 160,000 delivering a > 3X growth in 5 years. Prior to that he was the founder of Tholons and neoIT and earlier with Nortel and AT&T in US and UK. Avinash has done over 100 large globalization deals valued at over $50B. Avinash has led investments in over 30 companies and has been a Limited Partner in 5 Venture Capital / Seed funds. 

Mr. Vashistha has an exceptional network and relationships with top 1000 Chairman/CEOs, Bureaucrats, Ministers and policy makers across USA, Europe/UK, Asia/India and Latin America. He is a known Thought Leader in the industry and co-authored the book “The Offshore Nation”. He has worked with over 500 Global Fortune clients like Goldman Sachs, GM, Chevron, Pfizer, Vodafone, Stanford University, TATA and others.

He has been a speaker at more than 300 conferences worldwide and a media personality. He has been an active board and national member of various institutes and chambers and is a Life Fellow of Institute of Directors (IOD). Avinash holds an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Alberta, Canada and a MBA from Arizona, USA.