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Deepak Garg

Deepak is an Innovative entrepreneur, and a veteran in Food & Beverages Industry. He is a seasoned leader with key focus on finance and operations management of a Pan India Fast Food, Sweets and Namkeens chain. The Franchise managed under his supervision is among top 3 Franchisees in India.

He is a Commerce Graduate and also holds ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management’ (MBA).

Deepak, has an eye for innovation. He is fond of technology, and loves playing with gadgets. He possesses great ability to exploit cutting edge technology and can bring Out of the Box ideas in the most useful / profitable manner for any existing venture. He has an in depth and extremely rich experience in Food Retail Industry.

Over the last 9 years, he has been involved in successfully managing the operations, finance, and marketing for the franchisee outlets. He has also been instrumental in recruitment of quality manpower, setting compensation structure, streamlining policies and procedures and, most importantly, demonstrating an example of creating ‘Success’ by his entrepreneurial skills.