Individual Members

Gayathri Kuppendra Reddy

Gayathri Kuppendra Reddy is from Bangalore, India. After completing her Masters in Advanced Management Practice from University of Bath, UK, she got practical exposure from KPMG. She subsequently joined her family in running IT infrastructure business through RGA, an enterprise in the field where her family holds substantial interest. They host about 40 multinational and Indian companies. Her most recent learning has been from our new tech park, which was about 3.2 million square ft of built-up space. She has been fully invested in it for the past 3 years. As a diversification option to our existing business she is exploring interests in various fields through startup investments. RGAs huge experience, proven ability and success in infrastructure projects incorporates changes in technology continuously in designs and functionality of spaces. This provides our company with a platform to absorb the latest trends in various advancements. As she comes from a generation of looking forward and being more adaptable to change, she is more aware and adaptable to technological changes and advancements. She anticipates a quantum jump in technologies which are bound to create business opportunities and impact society and lifestyle. She would like to be a part of it.