Individual Members

Harsh Gandhi

Harsh is currently the executive director of his family business, GRP Limited after being the vice president of the same company for 8 years. GRP Limited is engaged in the field of recycling rubber, plastics out of waste tyres, and other end of life products. Harsh, over the last 15 years focussed on internationalization of his companys business and added new business lines which resulted in a topline growth of over 15X. He was also an associate in the Mumbai branch of The Boston Consultancy Group for around 2 years. Prior to this in New York he was an analyst in Kodak securities apart from being the manager of Albatross Golf Academy in Mumbai. Harsh completed his Owners President Management Program from Harvard business school in 2015 and completed a BSc degree in management with a minor in Finance back in the year 1999. His hobbies and interests include playing football, golf, cycling and travelling.