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Hemant Kanakia

Hemant has been at various times in his life, student, researcher, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and angel investor. After graduating from IIT-Mumbai in 1975, He worked at Tata Consultancy for sometime before going to US for higher studies. After getting MS from Case Western Reserve University and PhD in EE from Stanford University, He joined Bell Laboratories as a researcher working in the field of Computer networking and switching system. After getting bored by the inaction of AT&T in exploiting his research work for commercial gains, He decided to go out on his own to do just that. This effort, building a company in Computer networking space was quite timely and turned out to be a life changer for him. The company he founded, Torrent Networking Systems, built a next generation of fast Internet Routers. Ericsson acquired the company after merely three years of operations for $450M. This made investors and Hemant both happy and Hemant veered more towards helping entrepreneurs as an angel investor.

In 2004, he joined Columbia Capital LLC, an east coast of USA based Venture fund managing $2.4B funds focused on telecommunications and technology space. In 2010 and beyond, after retiring from Columbia, he has moved to India and is planning to make investments in India in technology space his own investment fund, Kanakia Ventures LLC. Hemant is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Enpirion, Teranetics and Tilera. He was previously founder and CEO of Torrent Networking Technology (acquired by Ericsson) and co-founder of Photuris (acquired by Meriton), funded privately from Kanakia Ventures. Prior to joining Columbia Capital, Hemant served on the Board of Directors of Photuris, Viagate, Price Hawk, Gemplex (acquired by VSNL), and Torrent Networking Technology. Over the years, he has served on a number of other non-profit boards in USA.