Individual Members

Jesal Shah

I started my career as an inquisitive child. With family business of liquid storage tank terminals and pharmaceutical manufacturing. I started working in my family business right after completing my schooling. Throughout my college years I was working part time in the family business. Since the head office for both businesses was the same, I got good learning experience in both fields. Spanning a period of 2 decades I was involved in all business operations. Both our companies, CRL Terminals, Kandla (2 units) and Vifor Pharma, Mumbai and Kandla were pioneers and leaders in their fields. CRL owned and operated the 2 oldest and largest private customs bonded liquid storage tank terminal units in Kandla totalling excess of 350 tonnes. Vifor was the leader in manufacturing of water for injections for over 50 years. In 2011, CRL was sold to a Dutch logistics company Royal Vopak, which was a very important acquisition for Vopak. Vifor Pharma which was originally a technical collaboration with Swiss company, closed its operations in March 2015. The shareholders (only family members) of the two above mentioned companies are solely in the investment business since 2011.