Individual Members

Jitendra Nayyar

Jitendra Nayyar is an investor in early stage companies, ideas and people behind it.  His interest areas include but not limit to financial services, education, health care, mobile, technology, internet and analytics. Jitendra brings strong understanding and domain expertise of various industries, e.g. financial services, telecom, FMCG, beverages, pharmaceuticals and hospitality. He has experience working closely with founding teams of start-ups and leading system transformational projects.

Jitendra is currently Chief Financial Officer at a Joint Venture with UK based MNC. He has demonstrated success in driving Business and Financial matrices for value creation in varied situations. He has extensive exposure in Strategic planning, Business Performance and Risk Management, Treasury, Commercial Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain, Taxation, Due Diligence, Merger & Acquisitions and Start-ups.  Jitendra has spent 2.5 decades in corporate world, and has been start-up team member for both PepsiCo and Coke in India. First decade of his career had extensive field work in plants, depots, factories, and regional offices. Later 1.5 decades have been in corporate and head quarters and he has managed numerous due diligence and acquisitions, both in India as well as overseas.

In addition to being Chartered Accountant, Jitendra has also completed advanced management and executive program at Said Business School with Oxford University UK. He has multi-geographical experience spanning numerous countries in Asia Pacific and Europe. Jitendra brings personality traits of Strong Business Analytical and Management skills, with ability to quickly grasp new ideas, technologies and business issues. He has high energy, positive can-do attitude and has ability of perform in complex business environment. Strong understanding of business opportunities, financial modelling and risk management comes naturally to him. He lives in Gurgaon with his family including two teenage children.