Individual Members

Narayana Iyer Balasubramanian

Bala has 20+ years of global experience in Energy, Infrastructure, Insurance and Healthcare industries. He was involved in establishing and successfully developing a Swiss domiciled Insurance company focusing on risk management of large energy, infrastructure, industrial projects and facilities world-wide. Prior to his last venture, Bala worked to develop the large power projects business for a leading multinational company in Asia & Middle East. Bala is experienced in leading multifunctional and multicultural teams and in several functional areas such as Marketing & Sales, Contracting, IT, Finance and Risk Management.

Bala is a mechanical engineer with a post graduate management qualification from the Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta) and is currently based in Bangalore. Bala is looking to invest in innovative business opportunities in Energy, Infrastructure, Insurance and Consumer sectors. He also looks forward to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and business teams in business strategy, management ethics & broad based wealth creation.