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Niren Gupta

I manage operations in 5 plants and business expansion for my Family company, Allied Hitech Industries Pvt. Ltd. ( The company processes flat steel and is the sole processing partner for Tata Steel in North India, processing approximately quarter million Metric Tonnes per Annum. Over the last 4 years, I have helped the company add many customers and products, as well as implemented management systems across the 5 plants. Recently the company got an award from the MD of Tata Steel for Best Innovation in India for 2 Android Apps that we developed to streamline our processes. I went to the University of Southern California, where I studied Industrial Systems Engineering. After college, I worked in a VC firm directly under Gautam Gupta who went on to found Naturebox, the biggest healthy snacks subscription company in the U.S. In 2013, me and Narayan Bhargava jointly founded a company called Energy Oilfield Tools Pvt. Ltd. (, that manufactures and exports steel components used in Oil and Gas drilling in the U.S. This company has been profitable from the start and has been growing at a fast pace. We plan to expand our product base soon.