Individual Members

Pankaj Jain

Pankaj Jain is the business unit head of developing a gas business at Cairn Energy India Pty Limited. He is responsible for building a gas terminal, drilling wells, stakeholder’s management, procurement and HSE. Previously, he was the business unit head of an offshore asset producing oil and gas which had an annual revenue of Rs.1200 crores and total manpower of 120 people. He handled the commercial function of all the production and exploration oil and gas assets which included assisting the management in taking investment decisions. Additionally, he helped the company prepare their business plan.

From 1997 to 2001, he worked on preliminary screening of projects based on risk assessment and profitability projection at Gujarat Venture Finance Limited. He did due diligence and risk evaluation of projects in terms of management potential, technical and commercial feasibility of the product, market potential, financial projections and valuation of the company. He helped companies in formalizing their cash and fund flow analysis and internal accounting systems. As a venture capitalist, he has made investment in companies in the emerging areas of IT, Internet, telecommunication. Additionally, he teaches MBA students business analysis, management and financial strategies.