Individual Members

Parshant Mittal

Most of my work experience has been in the quantitative investment and trading space. Prior to founding my current firm, AlphaGrep Securities, I worked with number of large investment banks (Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank) and well known hedge fund, AQR Capital. At AQR Capital I was a portfolio manager overseeing about 1 billion dollars in the US Small Cap and emerging market equity investing. In 2010, I left AQR and founded my firm in India to focus on quantitative investing and trading in the Indian markets. Over the last 5 years AlphaGrep has grown to become one of the top traders by market share in NSE, BSE and MCX. We are now a team of almost 50 people spread across Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore and Hong Kong. We focus on trading in India and Global markets. In most markets we have a large market share in the stock exchanges we trade. Our trading focuses heavily on data analytics as well as building high end technology, both of which are my areas of passion.

As per my education background, I was part of a joint degree program at University of Pennsylvania, called the M&T program. I have degrees in Computer Science and Finance from Wharton School.