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Pawan Malhotra

Pawan is an executive ‘thinking partner and business performance’ coach. He focuses on positive-reasoning to aid leaders, entrepreneurs and high potentials in reaching their career goals and enhance their executive function. With decades of C-Level leadership success at home and abroad, Pawan has a proven track record leading across cultures and managing change.

Pawan encourages leaders to grow in their strengths meeting any challenge with integrity and a smile. No stranger to the obstacles of global business, he is an expert in aiding leaders and their teams to build trust and establish clear communication. Known for his empathy, clients commend Pawan’s focus on building strong relationships. Pawan is an intuitive listener with a depth and breadth of insider experience to draw from, making him invaluable as an executive coach.

Prior to coaching, for 40 years Pawan was a senior leader in national and multinational companies in India and the Middle East. He held C-Level positions at Fortune 500 companies such as Dunlop, Unilever, PepsiCo and Mahindra and Mahindra. He built strong teams to efficiently move business forward. Pawan has a broad range of real-world experience across a variety of industries including fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture, real estate and premium retail. Pawan also spent time living and working in the Middle East so he understands how to achieve effective cross-cultural leadership. Pawan delivers excellence as a sounding board for executives since he has ‘been in the same shoes’ and knows there are always options facing real-world personal and professional challenges.

For the past 5 years as a professional executive coach, Pawan has accrued more than 2500 hours coaching 110 business leaders. One recent coaching engagement, Pawan assisted an exceptionally competent CEO to improve long-term thinking and boost ambition by establishing a strategic vision for future growth. This resulted in the company moving from subsidiary to independent status and increasing team size and gaining investors. In another coaching assignment, Pawan helped a hard-working foreign national adapt to the local culture work-style and improve communication, delegation and leadership performance. This led to a 25% increase in productivity, developed stronger teams and a promotion for this leader to yet another country. Pawan also has particular specialty in coaching leaders of family-run businesses. Using his insight and tact, he has helped grow family members beyond reactionary kinship interactions into competent and productive business teams without sacrificing filial bonds.

Pawan holds an MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies at the University of Delhi (India). An experienced international executive coach, he has certifications and accreditations from recognized global executive coaching organizations, including:

➢ Certified Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
➢ Certified CEO Coach by Coaching Foundation of India
➢ Certified Life Coach by Certified Coaching Alliance in association with International Coach Federation