Individual Members

Piyush Chawla

After his MBA, Piyush joined his family owned educational book publishing set up, Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd.  

 In his time as CEO of Vikas, he developed an understanding of what it takes to grow a business, and scaled the business 12 times in a relatively short period by developing a new customized content division which became an industry leader. 

Piyush’s experience in building trust, aligning goals, building & managing diverse & high performance teams resulted in a vibrant work culture that generated dynamic & positive results.

He exited the fast growing business to a strategic investor a few years back.

He was convinced that he had something of value to share with other entrepreneurs and his interests and total focus turned towards angel investing in start-ups. 

He has done 15 angel investments so far including a multi-bagger

In an effort to strengthen his investing skills and to widen his horizon to the public markets including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, he took it upon himself to get a CFA charter.

He started the CFA journey earlier this year and cleared the Level 1 a few weeks back.

Piyush’s patience, level headedness & perseverance are primary differentiators in everything he does in life whether it was pursuing national recognition for his tennis abilities, success in scaling his own business, studying for his CFA or working with start-ups.