Individual Members

Prachi Gupta

Prachi Gupta is a Systems Engineer from the University of Warwick. She has an experience of six years in the Defence and Homeland Security Industry. She is a technology enthusiast and is an alumnus of Singularity University that focuses on Exponential Technologies. Prachi plays a key role in the family business, MKU Limited, a leading defence company from India with customer base spread across 100 countries. She has managed and implemented several system improvement projects like ERP and CRM. She also heads the marketing team with a focus on digital marketing. In addition to that she spearheads the techno-commercial and product development activities of their Electro-Optic Division which develops high-grade night-vision and thermal imaging devices. She is in the process of implementing an open innovation corporate program at MKU. Prachis interests include reading about technology and investing in companies. She has a spiritual bent of mind and practices Vipassana meditation.