Individual Members

Premnath Kasinath

Mr. Premnath Kasinath is the founder of Point Perfect Technology Solutions, which specializes in Software Product Development in multiple areas. He is a first-gen serial entrepreneur who has managed to foray from BPO and KPO Services into Software Development, Clinical Research for Healthcare majors and CROs. His other interesting investments range from introducing Electric Vehicles into Tamil Nadu, Construction of Housing using Innovative Green Solutions, and Sports Ventures.

PPTS has been a successful partner with big names like Microsoft, Citeline, and Informa in the USA and UK in their Software Development, Clinical Data Analytics Research, Legal & Health Data Research and other Service Portfolios. PPTS has built its own tools to analyze and map tons of data in various spheres and is sought after by Healthcare Providers to carry out their Research and Analysis.

Premnath has been successful in leading the PPTS team from the front in not only providing a great work atmosphere to staff but also taken a lot of interest in the holistic development of every team member. He started inculcating an intrapreneurship culture in the office and hence built a lot of products from the PPTS’ stable in the past 5 years.

Premnath is very passionate about health and encourages staff, friends, and family in keeping fit and leading a robust and active lifestyle. He preaches the mantra of “stay fit to stay out of hospital.” He owns a football team that plays the district and state league where under-16 kids are nurtured to develop into the higher leagues. He is also an active Marathoner and Cyclist and supports various Running and Cycling Sports Groups. He is also an adventurer and had been on almost all continents of the globe either Flying, Sailing, or Riding.

Premnath is also socially inclined towards Animal Welfare and takes efforts to support the underprivileged. He had co-founded an organization called Human from his school days that supports rescue dogs, old cattle, and stray animals and helped build and run a shelter for the past 25 years. He had also played a great part in leading his friends and office team in social calamities like the Chennai Flood Relief Efforts.