Individual Members

Rajat Sikka

Studied in India, Philippines, USA, Belgium and Switzerland, I am the founder owner of Saivana Exports Private Limited. I started the company 1993 and today it is one of the leading manufacturer exporters of high quality women’s contemporary clothing. Located in New Delhi, the company is working some of the top fashion brands across the globe like Kenzo, Isabel Marant, Bonpoint, Dries Van Noten etc. Having started the company with no capital and fresh out of graduate school, today it employs more than 700 people across 3 factories. It is total first generation company.

In 2008 we started our own women’s brand called “Saivana” in America which reached more than 350 boutiques across North America and high end department stores like Anthropologie, Macys, Neiman Marcus. However, the financial meltdown soon after forced me to rethink my strategy and I then joined Harvard Business School’s Owner President Management program in Boston. I graduated from that program in February of 2014 and now I am looking for new ventures across the globe. My wife Vandana works in the company (actually she is the Boss J) and we have 2 young daughters. I am into writing, reading, cooking and travelling to exotic locations across the globe.