Individual Members

Ravi Agarwal

Mr. Ravi Agarwal is an M.B.A in International Marketing from Geneva and has has travelled extensively. He has a high zeal of willingness to learn and grow and keep looking for New opportunities & evaluating always for right Connect.

Currently He is President - Projects with Rupa & Co Ltd. He joined in 1997 on board when it was a Mid-sized Co. Today, Rupa has emerged as the country’s largest manufacturer of hosiery and innerwear brand with revenue of US $160 mn and with market share of more than 17% in men’s branded innerwear category in India as acclaimed by winning lot of Brand leadership awards in India & abroad. It has a presence in over 110,000 retail stores across the country and exporting to more than 10 countries with a daily capacity to produce 800,000 pieces of finished goods. RUPA Umbrella Brand caters to all ages genders. Its sub-brands like Frontline, Bumchums, Euro, Kidline, Thermocot, Softline, Footline, Macroman are Prominent with leadership quality for Segments of Society turned around the brands and introduced new category.

He has ventured Retail Chain within Rupa Group. He is always Passionate about new business Initiative & happy to exchange views & explore options for organic & inorganic growth. He had represented many National & International Proposals of Jv , Acquisitions & Brand Licensing.

He diversified & ventured in to Steel in the year 2005 & became instrumental in establishment of Neo Metaliks Ltd as Director and Successfully spearheads the new venture of Rupa & Co– an integrated steel plant, since its inception, starting from developing strategy, Product service development and improvement, Marketing Plans, assembling resources – financial, human and informational to conflict handling, delegating, risk taking, decision making and team building. NEO METALIKS LIMITED has revenue of Approx. 65 Million USD. It is assisted by The West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation. The plant is located at Durgapur, West Bengal. He has been very instrumental in turning around the company from the rough and recessionary periods in 2008-2010. He has all dynamism in his versatile approach but believe in making complexity into simplicity for execution level. He is an Entrepreneur, who is in search of purposeful sources of innovation, which can bring changes and their symptoms that indicate opportunities for successful innovation.
Ravi is an Entrepreneur with moderate risk taker appetite, willing to roll the dice with his money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise. He is willing to undertake responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and is answerable for all its facets." He is an improver , who believes in improving his business predominately in the improver mode. He is focused always to improve from current scale of operation. He is an advisor with sound sense of business to offer input to team mates to meet objective within time frame and has strong communication skills He has turned around the brand and introduced new category. He was a team member of Ms. Mamta Banerjee Chief Minister Visit to Singapore.