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Rishabh Mehta

Rishabh Mehta is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years+ of global business experience across industry sectors. He has a Masters in Commerce from Delhi University and a MBA from the prestigious French Grande Ecole Nationale des Pont Et Chaussees, Paris and Stanford University,USA (2002-04).

After having lived in Europe for over a decade Rishabh is now back in Delhi. He has several business interests across India, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Russia & Central Asia and is an avid investor in technology startups. Rishabh is a thought leader in Digital Advertising & OOH space and has recently set up LOCAD; 1st Integrated Location Based Mobile Advertising Solution Provider across channels for brands, agencies & OOH. Rishabh is a founding member of Sector 6 Group and LOCAD Pte. Ltd.