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Sagar Wahi

After completing high schooling at St.Columba’s School New Delhi with Science and Mechanical Drawing as my major subjects, I went ahead to pursue my Undergraduate degree (Bachelors of Sciences) at The University of Warwick (United Kingdom) in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering.

The obvious idea at the time was to join the family business of manufacturing of safety critical components for the automotive industry. I joined my father’s company, which was signing up a joint venture with an American firm in the year of my graduation. My career began there as a Manager of Technology moving onto Vice President of Operations three years later. The seven years I worked under an American CEO was a great learning curve in my professional life. My daily working life was concentrated not only on the Shop Floor of the company, but all the way to the top management and Board level. This in-depth working from top to bottom in the company was immensely helpful in understanding how a company functions in every aspect.

After exiting the JV in 2014, I joined our second family company, which under the management of my older brother manufactures parts for the automotive sector in the Tier II vertical. In the past couple of years in our family company, we have taken the initiative to reorganize the company from both an operational and managerial point of view. The obvious thing for me to do was to incorporate my knowledge of working in the JV to my family company. This process is under way currently and should be completed in the within a year’s time.

The time has now come for me to pursue some new ventures and vertices, which have forever interested me more than the engineering and technical side of professional life.

This adrenalin-pumping vertical has not only attracted the attention of high net worth individuals, but also younger people like me who might not want to be involved in day to day operations of a company, but can work to add value to someone’s disruptive ideas.

I have been a member of Mumbai Angels Delhi Chapter since the past year and a member of Letsventure for a little less than a year.

I have currently made 5 investments, which include areas of automatic and intelligence based online marketing, last mile logistics, electronic consumer goods, event booking platform, and online reward application.

The plan for me is to look for some ideas that excite me from first showcase. Finding a solution to an established problem or trying to create some order out of disorder is the mantra that I look for in a start-up idea. Hardware tech and manufacturing excites me and are areas where I can be of assistance to a particular company.

I have recently ventured into the F&B space with my cousin who is based in the UK and is a veteran of the Hospitality industry in London. The idea for us is to use his operational expertise and implement them on a small scale, to start with, and work on expanding the same. We have taken up a local English PUB in central London on franchise a few months back, have worked to make it operationally more efficient with proper systems and processes in place. The search for the second business unit is now under way and scope of organic growth seems to be immense.

I am a young individual who now wants to grow his knowledge bank and use past skills in future projects. Angel Investing and F&B are new vernicles, which I want to aggressively pursue.