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Sanjay Puri

Sanjay Puri is a entrepreneur who has founded and grown multiple enterprises throughout his career. He is the Founder of the Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB), an organization dedicated to strengthening economic ties between the US and India and is a recognized authority on US-India relations. He also founded and serves as the Chairman of the US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC), a national, bipartisan political action committee representing over 3.2 million Indian-Americans. He has played a key role in the passage of the US India Civil Nuclear Agreement, which has helped to bring together the Indian American community to work with the US Congress.

Sanjay founded his first company and started his entrepreneurial journey in 1994 through a grant from the National Institutes of Health. Shortly thereafter, he founded and managed Optimos Inc., a very successful strategy and enterprise Information technology company providing services to the US government, which was sold in late 2014.

Mr. Puri has led over 25 delegations of business, political and higher education leaders to India. In 2011 and 2013, he hosted two of the largest US India Education Conclaves that were attended by over 100 education and policy leaders from the U.S. and over 1,000 senior educators and policy leaders from India. Mr. Puri has also hosted Congressional briefings on US-India Counterterrorism Cooperation, the first ever US-India Renewable Energy Conference on Capitol Hill, the Conference on HIV AIDS Cooperation between the US and India, as well as several briefings on immigration and H1B visa issues.

Current Interests & Ventures

Subsequent to the sale of Optimos, Sanjay has invested in several businesses. The latest venture includes a 'Connected Car Incubator' that focuses on companies building tools, products and apps for the smart car. His area of focus is funding and mentoring companies in automotive and fleet telematics, smart parking solutions and apps, easy user navigation systems & driver assistance including the driverless technology. Sanjay has also invested in a nutraceutical health company called Wellisen.

On the political front, he recently took the initiative in facilitating long-running series of webcasts entitled—“Indian Diaspora Leadership Dialogues” which covered the recent elections in India (May 2014), and addressed several contemporary issues of interest to the farreaching Indian-American community. He is a frequent public speaker and expert on U.S.-India relations. Sanjay is a pro-active mentor helping the Indian-American community, and an ardent speaker who addresses multi-faceted developments that impact the progress of the Indian-American community living in the U.S.

Sanjay is interested in promoting education, especially in rural and small towns of India, and he has led the largest education delegation to visit India from the U.S. comprising of more than 100 University and Policy leaders. In pursuit of his passion for education, Sanjay has also invested and incubated several education portals e.g. a leading e-books portal in India ( and a professor-rating portal (

Mr. Puri is a frequent Public Speaker and an Expert Witness on US-India relations and the political impact of the Indian-American Community. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Times, on National Public Radio (NPR), the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), CNN and Nightline.

His recent appearances and speaking engagements include:

• President Barack Obama’s trip to India: Times Now, NDTV, News X, Headlines Today, CNN IBN in January 2015

• PM Narendra Modi’s visit to New York City: Times Now in September 2014

• British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Washington, DC in September 2014

• National Public Radio (NPR), Washington, DC in May 2014

• Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC in June 2013 & National War College, Washington, DC in May 2013

• House Hearing on Natural Gas Exports, Washington, DC in April 2013

• House Foreign Affairs Hearing, Washington, DC in March 2013

• United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC in July 2011

• Duke India Business Forum, Raleigh, NC in March 2011