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Sanjeev Mittal

A Bachelor in Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Sanjeev went on to get his Master of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University, State College, USA and a Post Graduate Diploma (Gold Medal) in Business Management from International Management Institute, New Delhi, India. He then worked for three years in the software development group at the Research & Development division of Baroid Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA which resulted in a US patent being awarded in 1992. Sanjeev is the founder of Samit Group and has been leading its growth in India since inception in 1990. He has successfully built Samit to be one of the few 100% owned Indian company providing cutting edge software technology and services, including seismic data processing and interpretation, to the Indian E&P industry. Sanjeev is well recognized in the industry and he continues to lead the Samit’s diversification into other businesses including software development and testing with specific focus on G&G technologies.