Individual Members

Suresh V. Shankar

Founder – Crayon Data

Suresh Shankar is a big data and analytics evangelist, entrepreneur and innovator; he established his second start-up, Crayon Data in Singapore in 2012. Recognised today as one of the world’s top big data companies, Crayon is on a mission to simplify the world’s choices with its SimplerChoicesTM platform and products - MAYA and YODA. Crayon has been one of the only Asian players to consistently win global recognition.

Suresh spent the first 15 years of his 29 year career in sales, marketing, advertising, media and banking. He has witnessed the transformation of marketing from a right to a left brained pursuit. His expertise in customer analytics was the foundation for RedPill Solutions, set up in 2000 in Singapore. Business leader IBM acquired RedPill Solutions in 2009.

Suresh excels in spotting consumer and technology trends way ahead of time and loves working with sparky people, who see things as they think it should be, and not as they are; with daring clients who are willing to shape the future, together with courageous investors who are putting their monies behind his ideas in creating a new choice engine that will dominate the world.