Individual Members

Uday Chatterjee

Mr. Uday Chatterjee is an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies Delhi University graduating in 1973. His first job was with Tata Group company Indian Hotels Company. Thereafter he relocated to the Far East to work with a Consulting Company. To this day he has a continuing association with this dynamic part of the world . He started his own business from 1984 onwards and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since having business interests in Tourism, Information Technology and Infrastructure Development. He planned an early retirement from business and divested most of his business interests to relocate to Dehradun in 2003. As a hobby he pursued investing in startups both in India and overseas and most of his investment and interest is in the area of startups working on cutting edge of Medical Research in areas such as RNAI ,Stem Cells and Gerontology. He is a very keen student of Macro Economics and specially Austrian School of Economics. He is also involved in Charitable work and is involved with Management of Charitable Hospitals in the Kumaon Region and promoting Girl Child initiatives throughout Uttarakhand.