Individual Members

Vikas Kumar

Vikas started his career at Infosys. However, he quit after two years and decided to follow his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In 2000 he cofounded a company called Brainvisa Technologies. Vikas was with Brainvisa for around 10 years as the CTO where he helped grow the company to 450+ people. The company saw two rounds of funding and was subsequently acquired by a leading BPO. Post his long career at Brainvisa, Vikas now runs a technology consulting firm, where he consults startups on general management and technology. While he usually takes a stake in a company he is consulting, he is open to investing financially also in startups together with other angels.

He is also involved in another startup ( which is managed by his wife. Vikas is very active in the entrepreneur space and spends a lot of time helping startups in Pune. Vikas is an IIM Lucknow alumni(1998).