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Vineet Aggarwal

Mr. Vineet Aggarwal is an Engineer and has done his exec. Ed from Harvard business school. He has a high zeal of willingness to learn and grow and keep looking for new opportunities & evaluating always for right Connect.

Currently, as Managing Partner – GDPA Fasteners Vineet is a third generation entrepreneur involved in delivering the hyper growth strategy for the organization. He came on board of GDPA Fasteners in 2000 when it was a small sized organization and with his focused endeavours today GDPA Fasteners has 3 plants and has grown exponentially in a highly competitive and price sensitive industry segment.

Vineet is always passionate about new business initiatives and happy to exchange views & explore options for organic & inorganic growth. He has the dynamism and versatility in his approach and believes in making complexity into simplicity for execution level. Vineet is an Entrepreneur with moderate risk taker appetite, willing to roll the dice with his money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise. He is willing to undertake responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and is answerable for all its facets. He is someone who constantly looks at improvements. He is an advisor with sound sense of business to offer input to team mates to meet objective within time frame and has strong communication skills.

He is actively looking at alternate investment opportunities in diverse fields of business. With his hands on experience in various business roles, deep understanding of global business dynamics makes him well placed to strategise start-ups.

Vineet is a member of YPO and HBS club of India and is an outdoors person who enjoys travelling, is a keen cyclist, long distance runner.