Indian Angel Network has a central secretariat in New Delhi, headed by a President, to do the following:

  • Create and develop investment opportunities.
  • Evaluate the opportunities at the first stage, including initial interviews.
  • Coaching entrepreneurs for presentations to the network.
  • Handle member recruitment, communications and relationships.
  • Adherence to defined The Network process for dealflows, etc.
  • Coordinating due diligence and investments on behalf of the Investing group
  • Interaction with network members.
  • Handle publicity and public relations.
  • The Secretariat will operate through the corporate body Indian Angel Network Services Pvt. Ltd, which has been specifically incorporated for this purpose. Members will not be required to be shareholders or Directors of this company to become “Members of the Network”, which will only require acceptance of nomination into the Network, payment of the annual fees and conformance to this framework.
  • The cost of the Secretariat will be shared by the Network members.